All organizations require documentation. Some items are fundamental and are mandatory: disaster recovery plans, security policies, health and safety manuals, amongst others.

This site is intended to act a single resource for the provision of many of these. The products here are provided largely in MS-Word and PDF formats, giving full control once they have been downloaded. They should save many hours of extensive effort.

The E-Security Toolkit comprises various security checklists and questionnaires covering networks/LANs, data access, firewalls, virus management, internet access, etc. This is a very comprehensive and detailed audit support tool.

The Disaster Recovery Toolkit comprises checklists, questionnaires and framework to help ensure a fully comprehensive review of both the disaster recovery plan and the supporting contingency arrangments. It also includes items addressing business impact and dependency analysis.

The Occupational Safety Manual and Kit includes: safety procedures, guidance on hazards, codes of practise, forms, an introduction to health and safery, safety assessment guidelines, guides for employees/contractors and much more.

The ISO14000 Toolkit comprises: an ISO 14001 Based EMS Policy Manual, ISO 14001 Procedures, Data Collections Forms and Templates, Implementation Guides (Tasklists) and a comprehensive Training and Awareness Presentation.

The Online Security Manual covers and explains roles, responsibilities, security management, security administration and a wide variety of other functions and concepts. It embraces many of the areas central to the role of a security manager or practitioner.

The SLA Toolkit comprises: a Service Level Agreement template, and interactive guide to help populate it, a PowerPoint presentation on SLAs, an audit/review checklist/questionniare and a presentation on the wider topic of Service Level Management.

The Emergency Management Toolkit comprises: a template emergency management manual to help you create a crisis plan; mailroom procedures, guidance and tips; an introduction to biological and chemical threats; a media management guide.

The ITIL Toolkit contains a series of resources to help you understand and implement ITIL. It is designed to be of value to both the beginner and those well on the way through implementation.

The ISO 17799 Toolkit comprises: both parts of the standard; a set of 17799 compliant security policies; a management presentation; a disaster planning kit; a roadmap to certification; a BIA questionniare; an audit kit.

The RUsecure Information Security Policies are widely recognized for their quality and flexibility. They not only have are significant advantage of being cross referenced with the ISO17799 international security standard, but are in use in over 40 countries across the world (and so are well and truly tried and tested).

The SiteHelpDesk system is widely acclaimed for both its flexibility and ease of use. It is not only scalable, but is feature packed, offering a significant number of options and possibilities.

The IT Outsourcing Toolkit contains a series of resources designed to help you address the many issues which arise during an outsource exercise. It is intended to be of value to both during the early planning stages and during the implementation of the project itself.

The Call Center Management Toolkit comprises a number of resources designed to help you manage a call center function/operation to best proatice standards. It is intended to be an essential source of material for anyone charged with responsibility for call center management (either in-house of outsourced).

The CRM Quality Kit provides materials and templates to ensure successful customer relationship management. It pro-actively explains the processes and objectives of different disciplines and sets you well on the way to a quality framework.

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